For this reason…

“By the grace of God, I am what I am.” 1 Corinthians 15:10

“Let all that you do be done in love.”  1 Corinthians 16:14

And for theses reasons we CAN seek out authentic real connections with one another. We cannot be fearful of meeting new people. We can accept people right where they are in life. Everybody has a story. Everybody has junk. Often our own past stories of rejection, hurt, and pain get transferred to others unwillingly and prevents us from being all God intended us to be. How many times have we assumed we were uninvited or rejected and it was all just made up in our head because we were tainted, damaged, or wounded?  Today was beautiful. I took the picture below after a few new friends had left but I met 5 new friends today! FIVE. I didn’t know them at all before and they knew little of me or any of the others but they showed up to connect simply with other moms. Y’ALL! We need each other! I pray this blog is going to speak straight to the heart of a mother. You,  sitting there maybe in a hard place. Motherhood is one of the loneliest and hardest jobs on the planet. We are responsible for nurturing the well-spring of tiny other souls, our children’s heart. Wouldn’t it be just like an enemy (Satan) who comes to kill, rob, and destroy to be on a mission to make us feel isolated, less than enough, and just overwhelmed all the dang time?  We easily buy into this lie that everyone has their life together more than us. We easily buy into I’m the only one who struggles with feeling beautiful and strong. We easily buy into it’s only our children who are struggling in development, school, behavior, making friends, fitting in…. or even that we fit in ourselves. If the enemy has us believing and acting into these lies then not only can he wound and damage our hearts, he can damage the hearts of our children too. Life becomes what we think it is.  It becomes easy to shrink into our own homes, and even maybe a pit of inadequacy, and cut ourselves off from the world. We indeed do feel alone. Isolated. Like we don’t fit in. And frankly, this then keeps us from growing as we don’t meet new people.  Did you know variety in relationships can safeguard our success in life? Diversity in dialogue can protect our ability to think clearly. Looking at a problem or issue or idea from different viewpoints and angles protects our minds from being hardened and stagnate.  Challenging ourselves with getting out of our comfort zone keeps us learning and growing our confidence.  And a person not growing is a person dying.  And remember our goal is to become a person full of grace, fully restored to how God designed and created us to be, and living a life of jubilee.  Now, again, wouldn’t the enemy just be so happy with himself if he just stopped all that goodness in our lives. So with this said, I am praising a good, good, good Father who stirred in 5 new ladies to step out and go meet new people this morning. That takes guts. And I pray they felt His grace meet them there in their willingness to step outside their comfort zone. I sure know I did. New friends are my jam!!!! Old friends too!!! Just friends in general….PEOPLE ARE MY JAM! God’s treasures. You beloved, are indeed His treasure. For this reason, let us continue to meet together and lift one another up…..<3



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