These 4 walls….

“How many of you have had a night out planned, or arranged coffee with friends and suddenly the 4 walls you inhabit seem the only safe haven because it’s the only place you don’t have to pretend you are ok, so you cancel? Or when you are invited out you tell them how terribly sorry you are but you’re already booked up that weekend, when you are actually just really busy holding it together in your safe box?And so the first problem starts, all by itself. People stop asking you and the isolation that at first wasn’t true becomes your only truth. Please don’t give up on your friends. Ring them, go round, even when they don’t want you to. Because they really do they just don’t know how to say it.” 

A friend posted this on Facebook as a request to repost to bring awareness to mental health. I NEVER do repost but this one really struck a chord. Why? Cause I’m willing to bet that so many of you can relate. I can- which might shock a few.I’ve never officially been diagnosed or self-diagnosed myself with official anxiety but I CAN tell you right now I’ve had these thoughts and feelings. And I’ve most certainly seen good friends suffer from this dilemma. Why? Because Satan wants nothing more beloved sons and daughters to isolate us. The best way to keep us from a life of abundance is to cut us off from each other and make us feel like no one understands, something must be wrong with us, create anxiety and panic even. (Please don’t think I’m saying sometimes there aren’t chemical imbalances too.) But he (Satan) wants so much for us to live feeling defeated, feeling like we cannot do hard things. You are right. We can’t do the hard things. But His grace is sufficient. With Him, we can do ALL things. In our weakness He becomes strong. We must step out in FAITH, have guts, to do what’s uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. In that moment, His grace, will meet us in that time of need. Peace will abound. He shows up and shows He is trustworthy. He shows up and all the lies that deafen us and keep us defeated are overcome. One brave, gutsy moment at a time. Whisper as you leave your walls too…the following. It makes it all the sweeter as you walk in victory. 



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